So it isn't purged, part 3

I logged on here to look for some posts about something, but when I first tried to log in, I got the "This account has been deleted and purged" message. It startled me for a minute as I thought about everything I wrote here. So I tried again and it is still here. I should probably do one of those archive things where you make a book before I really do lose all of this.


just making sure it isn't purged, part 2


It's been so long since I have gone back and read any of this stuff here. I was talking with a friend the other day and telling her about how I captured so much of my life in these posts. It's priceless, really.

This year I have a plan to revisit a lot of this.


it's a blow-out on a birthday cake
and i'm a birthday candle
floating in the lake
where are you? it's getting late.

for liam